The Danish Anficlub has been etablished several years ago as a association for danish owners of appartments in Anfi del Mar. We also cooperate with the other European Anfi del Mar associations.

Our vision is to get all Danish owners at Anfi del Mar as members in our club. Other nationalities are also welcome as members.

We are working to let our members influence decisions made by the executive board at Anfi Del Mar. We are also working to spread awareness about our beautiful vacation location.

Jens has been an owner since 1996 and Vagn since 1999, and we are very fond of beeing owners.

Through Anficlub-Denmark you have the possibility to discover the most impressive Holliday paradise in Europe.

'If you want to buy, rent or sell, you can se which offers our member have at the moment in the Markedsplads section of our site.

If you want to have more information or want to be a member of our club, you can make a phonecall  +45 4017 4035 or use our contact form.